Sunday, July 29, 2012

Welcome to the first day of my 49th year

What does it mean to be looking fifty in the face? Well, looking it in the face a year from now. This blog is an attempt to find out. For women, 50 is kind of an ominous age. The end of sexuality. The end of guys ogling you in the street. (Not that they ever did all that much.) The end of being the preferred demographic for marketers. But what does it mean, really? As someone who has done most things in life on the late side, including learning to cook, having a first pet and getting married (at ages 45, 44 and 48, respectively, I'm hoping that the year leading up to 50 is one of beginnings, not endings, more confidence and ease with myself, more time to devote to passions and continuing to learn what it feels like to be married, after 48 years of singlehood. (The word husband still doesn't come easily to me but the love I felt on my wedding day is still flowing.) Expects reflections, rants, raucous musings and a real-life perspective on what it really means to be 49. Because it's not what you think (or what I used to think). Stay tuned.


  1. what a great idea for a blog! Can't wait to read more.

  2. You baby, you! Hopefully not the end of sexuality--can we add comments from the other side of 55? Can't wait to follow you on this....

  3. At some point the "body question" becomes more a matter of health than vanity. Anne Lamott recently tweeted something like "maybe this is the body I am meant to have for the duration and I think I can live with that." I was thinking of living with it, too, but then came the results of my latest physical, which pegged me as pre-diabetic. I'm pretty sure that minus the extra pounds (recently and deliciously acquired at the fabulous ethnic restaurants of my new nabe, Jackson Heights) these issues would clear up, so I am back into the effort to exercise more and eat less. And I do feel better, so it's worth it.