Sunday, July 14, 2013

Upsides and down of the country

I don't know if it's because I was born in July or that I have lived near beaches for most of my life but I'm never more relaxed than when I'm around (or in) water. Today, instead of swimming across the lake once, I did it two-and-a-half times, surveying Randy's zip line progress from the soft ripples. At one point, we took the canoe and ferried the cable across the water, to get to the perfect tree (in Randy's mind). This day has been about being outside, living in a bathing suit and wet hair, feeling the sun on my face and appreciating that I get to be in the country for the summer. A perk of living a new freelance life and being in nature.

Scary spider in the gazebo
A downside of the nature thing: BIG BUGS!

But I also feel as if I'm doing more relaxing--and exercising--in a natural way, throughout the course of the day. I'm getting into a more intuitive rhythm with my body (sounds New Agey, I know), something that can be tough to do when you work in an office from 9 to 5. Sitting all day is something I am not missing.
Though I'm still putting my feet up plenty--especially in the gazebo. I have a special seat where I can prop my feet on the rails and look out on the stream.

Randy, on the other hand, has been feverishly developing the zip line. He is a man with a mission. Luckily, neighbors have been over to help. Which is a good thing, since I'm not lifting 20 foot ladders. Sorry, Randy. Ah, the limits of love.
But I'm proud of his perseverence and grit. You can see the progress, below.

Fifteen days and counting!


  1. Looks like that little baby is working on his own zipline....

  2. Scary spider indeed...The nicest thing looks like putting your feet up! Thanks for sharing, that's a fun piece.