Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guest Blog: aaaaaaaaaah

The most relaxing moment I had ALL week was sitting down on the bus I'd just boarded in Hartford. 90 miles per hour to 0 in about 10 seconds. No wonder it felt exhilarating. The film strip replaying all of the events of the week in my head slowed down. My surroundings came into focus. A smile arrived unannounced on my face, but ever so welcome.

"Going to New York City?", the driver had said when I approached. Oh, yeah! Then to Istanbul, Tel Aviv, all around Israel, and a side trip to Petra in Jordan. Where they filmed the temple scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc. A World Heritage site. All with my darlin' Paula.

There'll be a bar mitzvah and time with great family.

We'll visit an old client of mine in Beer-Shiva, the CEO of a company that makes endoscopes the diameter of a toothpick. My company helped his company develop a medical instrument to treat reflux disease: GERD. We designed 2 cameras into it so that you could see both sides of the action when the esophagus was stapled to the stomach.

And maybe we'll visit a research group at Technion University, the MIT of Israel. They are working on an optical instrument that can make measurements through the skin that now require a blood sample. I hope that we can contribute to that.

And some time to reflect on what we left behind, and what's coming next. Now, finally, the excitement that comes just before a trip has arrived, with gusto -- andiamo!!