Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Does jet lag get worse as you get older?

I'm not sure, but all I know is that it's been a rocky adjustment to life back in NYC. Post vacation goals: appreciate my husband and marriage, spend more time with good friends, less time on my computer and get more sleep, jet lagged or not.

I've never been good at transitions, at comings and goings. After two and a half weeks with my husband in Israel and Istanbul, the prospect of going back to our dual domicile existence was daunting. I'll admit it: When we returned to NYC on Labor Day, after an 11 hour flight (thus the jet lag) I shed a few tears at the prospect of his returning to CT and leaving me alone in my upper West Side pad. After a few minutes of tears (mine), he said: "Okay--I'll stay the night!" My immediate response: Guilt! Had I cried my way into getting something I wanted (e.g., my husband's company for another 24 hours?) Was I losing the independence I've always prized? Was I being manipulative on some level? All I know is that he stayed, and it made facing real life a lot easier.  Now, after two days back at work, I'm finding my bearings again and getting used to the apart-ness. And it's always nice to sleep in my own bed, whether I'm alone or with my s.o. (The key is a great feather bed to put over the mattress.)

Below, a shot of me on a camel in the dessert. Camels fart a lot. And make funny noises. But I'm sure we all would too if we led such a hard life.

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