Thursday, September 20, 2012

I think I finally get the social media thing

I know that sounds funny, given that I'm blogging and all, and that I have 1000-plus FB friends, and am even on Twitter.  I probably shouldn't even admit it that I didn't fully get it before. But frankly, Twitter seemed like a bit of a time suck, for very little payoff. And most tweets I read seemed insipid or banal or just plain boring, on top of that. But today, on a quest to find writers younger than 25 or so (not so easy for someone in her late 40s), I posted on my FB page and on Twitter, and within five minutes or so, had writer suggestions and young writers themselves pitching me. And then I had someone extremely interesting contact me on Linked In. It was a social media bonanza. I still don't plan to spend all my time tweeting, but the thing is, I finally saw a practical use for all this stuff. If it connects me to real people who can help me/inspire me/amuse me in real life, well, that's a good thing. And I can ignore the insipid tweets. (I've composed a few of those myself.) Guess I'm firmly moving into the digital age, albeit with a bit of kicking and screaming.

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