Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The first 48 hours of unemployment

Well, to be honest, it's a roller coaster of emotions. What I like: Sleeping (much) later. Never was a morning person. And being able to go out for a midday run. What I don't like: The worry about structuring my own schedule, balancing the work, figuring out what to say yes to and what to say no to, and being able to keep my eye on the big picture--which is doing work that feels meaningful, that interests me, that gets me trying new things and stretching myself instead of the same old same old. What I also don't like: Not having a tech department at my beck and call.

I'm having a tug of war with myself right now: Is it okay to take a few days, even weeks off? Or do I need to strike while the iron is hot, say yes to everything, fill my dance card. What do you guys say? Reactive? Reflective? The nice thing is that the phone is ringing. Now I just have to make the right choices.

Our zen view. Here's hoping I can find my own form of zen in this new phase.


  1. After quite a few years I still miss having a tech dept: worst part of independent employment along with the erratic $. Best part: stretching myself with writing fiction/essays, more time to excercise/spend with friends & family/cook/entertain. My first inclination was to join a writing workshop so that I knew that once a week I'd have a place to go and that turned out to be smart. Made many new friends off the beaten path. Led to teaching. Let's talk.

    1. Sally--thanks for this. Can't wait to have lunch and hear ore about your experiences when I get back from London.

  2. It's great to have a rolladex of support at your fingertips... tech support, friend support, business development support, and to have any one of them at your ready... right next to your calendar (that's filled with meaningful, productive, and fun days.) I have been doing this for years and whenever I feel a little down or uncertain I try to reach for the appropriate rolladex :)

    Hope that helps :) You are so talented... no doubt you will find your balance quickly.


  3. Reactive and Reflective to start, Paula. Make the Mac Store your tech support department. If you don't already have it, get yourself the latest laptop and take a year of One-to-One support. It is great for just-in-time help etc. I find the Mac Store amazing and helpful. And by being reactive, it will give you time to form your own plan and strategy outside of the agita of the layoff - normal reaction; don't want to form a firm plan until that abates and you have a chance to reflect on all the stuff sure to come your way and see what you do/don't like...... like everyone else here, I just KNOW this will ultimately be AMAZING for you!